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What is a Mummy MOT?

The Mummy MOT is a specialist post-natal assessment recommended for all women following delivery, whether 6 weeks post birth or many years after. Already part of new mother’s standard post-natal rehabilitation in France, a trained specialist assesses the strength and function of the tummy and pelvic floor muscles to help prevent long term childbirth related complaints.

What does the Mummy MOT include?

  • 1-hour post-natal assessment with a specialist post-natal Physiotherapist.

  • In depth check of pelvic floor strength and tummy gap.

  • Assessment of any physical problems arising from pregnancy and birth

  • A bespoke post-natal recovery programme designed specifically for you, your lifestyle and fitness goals. This includes specific and safe post-natal exercises to improve stability, posture and core strength.

  • A written report of findings which can be used to keep your GP and other health professionals up to date is provided upon request, a full email report and bespoke advice is provided to every client. 

Who needs a Mummy MOT?

After having a baby, half of all women have a weakness in either their pelvic floor or their tummy - over a third have chronic pelvic pain. This creates instability and poor core strength and can result in back pain, pelvic pain, bowel and bladder weakness. A Mummy MOT helps women avoid these symptoms by giving them a tailored post-natal recovery programme.

Often new mums do not prioritise themselves and the focus is all on the baby. The Mummy MOT is a chance for you to take care of yourself in the post-natal period.

For more information on the above service or for any questions get in touch on or call on 01355 640014

If you would like to book and appointment you can do so here.

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